Encrypting of calls


TopSec Mobile

TopSec Mobile is mobile encrypting device for  unobservant calls, end-to-end calls with using smartphones, PC, fixed phones and satellite terminals.


IntactPhone is a security mobile platform that changes game rules that provide companies with powerful and in-depth protection against mobile threats.

Companies and office uses telephones and smartphones to share secret info. However, voice calls, especially from mobile devices, can be easily intercepted and recorded. this is why state secrets and confidential business data must be protected by strong encryption. Likewise, users want simple and flexible security solutions that enable them to call as usual without complex communication processes.

IntactPhone consists of a specially mad hardened device and a customized operating system with emphasis on security, encrypted calls and messages, commands and control center through devices - optimized for mobile security, complete remote control technology, and applications to solve the problem individually.

IntactPhone offers the vasics for thorough mobile security, better connectivity and productivity for corporate and BYOD users. This document presents a detailed description of IntactPhone´s features in term of it´s hardware and software.


Rohde & Schwarz

External Encryption Devices

  • It does not interfere with the normal running of the device
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Secured end-to-end calls
  • Advanced Encryption
  • Approved by NATO and German VS-V




  • Hybrid COPE / BYOD deploy
  • Solution all on one place for mobile safe
  • Protected communications and storage
  • Based on trusted hardware
  • Secured Boot-Loader and drivers