Security of Virtual Infrastructure

Bitdefender Security for Virtual Environment

Unique access to security virtual data-center

Security services for virtual machine, virtual data-center and cloud installation offer Bitdefender GravityZone on-premise web console.

Top performance in virtual environment. Based on testing by Login VSI benchmark application, GravityZone - SVE has against all other competition solution with lowest drain on application running in virtual environment

Now New solution Hypervisor Introspection witch brings new unique access for secure virtual environment now to disposition for Citrix environment.

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  • Using special component Security Server is possible to centralize memory load and computing power from individual virtual machines into one central point and with that distinctly safe resources of data-center.

  • Architecture independent on virtual environment of data-center and not on secured destination operating system.

I want to deploy and try Bitdefedner Security for Virtualized Enviroments

Deployment PoC take only one cup of coffee