Training center

Learn with us about security

Technical training

To all of us products of our offers, we provide to our partners basic and superstructure commercial and technical training for free too. On the basis of technical information thus obtained, trained staff of our partners can independently deploy therse products to end customers wherever data and communication security are not taken lightly.

Training of partners

The training is done according to the interest of our partners either periodically cyclically at monthly or half-year intervals or once on demand in fully equipped classrooms at our headquarters. The team of our trainers is made up experienced business and technical staff - specialists from our company┬┤s core staff and from the core empoyees of individal solution manufacturesrs that we represent in our market. Some training couurses are therefore conducted in English (we caution this in advance).

Training of admins

In the case of deploying our products to larger customers, we also provide paid customer system administrators training at its workplaces. The price of this type of training is on demand.

User training

In addition to our offered products, we also provide customized training for selected LINUX, VMware, cyber-security, network security products. These paid courses are lectured by certified external trainers. The cost of such training is determined on request.