CYBONET, formerly PineApp, is originally made as company that is engaged into secure email communication. Since 2002 they provide products of internet security and network management by company CYBONET from small and to big companies and telecommunication companies for effectively secure their critical network infrastructure.


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PineApp Mail Secure™

Pineapp Mail Secure is solution of mail gateway witch is securing incoming and outgoing email communication. Solution is delivered as cloud service, installed as virtual appliance, installed on local HW and/or deployed to cluster.

  • Multi-layer for secure again malware

  • Multi-layer anti-spam module

  • Advanced manage

  • Integrated Load Balancing

  • Sandbox Module

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CyBoWall is non-intrusive, non-agent solution witch provide complete and continuous network monitoring with all protocols also with endpoint using deep packet inspection, proactive network traps and technology comprehensive network scan for analyze associated network transmission - including the SIEM system. Based on collected data Cybowall helps admins to enforce detailed granular policies. They could monitoring endpoints and proactive respond and intervene again malvicious activities in network.

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Outbound Spam Guard

CYBONET OSG solution that is scanning and blocking 99% all unwanted or defective outgoing email communication. OSG works as transparent proxy that is informing provider of services in real-time and with detail level statistic what IP address or host in their network are review botnet network. OSG is ideal solution for neutralize botnet activities inside network of provider of services.

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