Ethernet Encryption R&S®SITLine ETH

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We defend data-centers and site-to-site connection again interception

Big data applications and cloud technology manage value and amount of data in movement. It gives companies decisive competitive advantage and provides states organizations chance to improve their effective. Through processing big volume of data it goes hand-by-hand with extensive problems and especially in area of IT security. When connecting networks and data-centers, it could be sensitive information that leaves safe and trust zone. Record from last mouths revealed that optical and electronic links could be easily intercepted. Rohde & Schwarz provides high-performance network encoders that secures connections of data-center and Wide Area Networks (WAN) again interception and manipulation.

Scalable Ethernet encryption: R&S®SITLine ETH

R&S®SITLine ETH is from series Ethernet encoders. secure companies again spying and manipulating with data, powered by Ethernet via land lines, radio sessions and satellite connections. In the case of growing data traffic, the Flexible License concept allows for upgrading performance up to 40Gbit/s on a device only by updating firmware without changing hardware. The device combines simple administration (including separate network and security management) with compact design and low system costs. The VSI for secret communications at German and NATO security levels are approved.


Encoded Ethernet to 4 Gbps




Encoded Ethernet to 40 Gbps




Encoded Ethernet with 10 Gbps for optic and electric links




Robust and compact encryption of Ethernet everywhere