Arcserve UDP

First uniform solution for securing data

this solution is based on next-generation unified architecture for virtual and physical environment. It´s unbeatable width, easily using and future Assured Recovery™ puts it upper than other data protection solutions. Available are innovating futures.

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Key Properties

United solution

  • united architecture for image of backup, Infinite Incremental(I2 Technology™), BMR, HA, replication, tapes, cloud, virtual etc.

  • all technologies of secure important data in one control console   

  • transparent and fast deploy and licensing too

Global duplication

  • real global deduplication through all infrastructure   

  • client/backup: data are deduplicated before they are bring forward to destination RPS

Disaster Recovery

  • automatized testing Disaster Recovery (recovery data after crash) on separated replicated server   

  • automatic DR does not affect remaining system and does not affect productivity

Continuous availability

  • continuous replication and high available of all system

  • secured virtual environment

  • application level takeover of service while false and replacement after recovery   

  • P2V, V2P, P2P, V2V   

  • Advanced and secure replication from one RPS to another with WAN optimization

The ArcServer UDP feature

Arcserve UDP is combination of backup, replication, high available and deduplication into one solution. Get 100% ensure quality back-up and fast recovery of data with very easy interface and user-friendly control. UDP is based on unified architecture next generation for virtual and physical environment too. With it unbeatable width, easy and guaranteed recovery it is different by any other solution of protecting data.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Easy Using

  • template for company protect

  • Data protection task plans

  • Transparent and fast purchase, deployment, licensing, configuration

Reliable data protection

  • Advanced backup technology

  • A modern way to replicate data