CYBONET, formerly PineApp, was originally established as an Email Security Solutions Company. Since 2002 CYBONET 's internet security and network control products enable SMB/E's and Telcos to comprehensively protect their critical network infrastructure. Whether its through the flagship PineApp Mail Secure solution or the next generation of Cyber Protection solutions - CYBONET is dedicated to security. With a renewed dedication to our valued Partner community as well as the development of a platform for Managed Service Providers to more efficiently deliver our solutions - CYBONET is committed to bringing our technologies to all corners of the globe.

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PineApp Mail Secure™

 Every business needs an intelligent, real-time solution to repel malware and other advanced threats on your network. PineApp Mail Secure seamlessly integrates with existing email servers, like Office 365, to provide neccesary protection from malicious and inadvertent email-borne threats. Whether installed on local hardware or a virtual platform, PineApp Mail Secure neutralizes advanced threats with a multi layer anti-spam and anti-virus system, enforced user defined policy controls, automated virus updates and add-on a-la-carte solution modules.

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 As the diversity of users and devices increases, so has the need for more flexible and automated ways to effectuate security policies, controls and enforcement. These factors have given rise to Network Access Control (NAC) solutions for enabling a proactive approach to managing network admission and endpoint compliance risks.

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Outbound Spam Guard

 The CYBONET OSG is a carrier-grade solution that can be easily deployed to scan and block up to 99% of all unwanted or malicious outbound email traffic. Easy to deploy, the OSG functions as a transparent proxy that informs the Service Provider in real time and with granular level statistics, which IP addresses or hosts within their networks are being controlled by botnets. The OSG is the ideal solution to neutralize botnet activity within a Service Provider’s network.