We offer consulting services on communication and data security. we will analyze the current state of your IT security, find weaknesses and propose a solution including a cost balance. We are working on project study that will make it possible to proceed point-to-point systematically to complete security.

The consultations are conducted by our base senior staff with a wealth of security experience and with deep knowledge of our and our competitive products. We are mainly focused on consultations in the following areas:

Physical security of data-centers and security workplaces (secure cabling, systems, surveillance camera systems, ESS, EPS, quenching systems, backup power supplies, engine generator)

Protect the perimeter of the network (firewalls, UTM systems , WiFi acc ess control from the outside, mail gateway, mobile device management, DLP protection, encrypted telephony)

Protection of communication between several protected sites (encrypted transmission to L2, VPN, Gateway encrypted telephony)

Intruder protection (UTM systems, authentication, authentication of WiFi access on the internal network, device management including mobile, SIEM, Anti-virus, Anti-malware, Anti-spam protection of endpoint stations, physical and virtual servers, mail servers, mobile devices, ATMs, EET systemsĂș

Passive data security (data backup and archiving, dishaster recovery, search in structured and unstructured data, case management, document tracking, tracking changes, time stamps, ...)

Work With Employees (assessment of a responsible approach to security in general, long-term programs of responsible access - antipishing, ....) 

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